New St. Petersburg from the beginning of autumn rose

In the first week of the fall of the market buildings of St. Petersburg showed a small but steady growth – 1.4%. Especially active were raised prices of long – three-and four-room apartment. During the week they rose by 2.3% and 2.7% respectively. Average cost of new housing in the first week of September, rose by 1.4%, reaching 70 200 rubles per square meter. M. Naibolshaya dynamics in large-sized apartments. The average value of three-bedroom apartments totaled 68, 400 rubles per square meter, and four-room – 85 300 rubles per square meter. Prices for two-bedroom apartments have also increased – by 1.01%, the square is now worth 68, 300 rubles. One room showed a lower growth dynamics – 0.92%. The average price of housing in the square which is 71 100 rubley. Samymi expensive apartments were the objects of more than four rooms: the cost per week increased by 4.5 thousand rubles, and in their average price is 106, 300 rubles per square meter. Ms in terms of types of houses the most successful in the past week have brick complexes. The cost of apartments in them grew by 2.39%, to 77, 800 rubles per square. Brick-solid houses rose by 1.56%, reaching levels of 70 800 rubles per square meter. M panel buildings have increased in price by 0.64%, the price of meter in them – 66, 200 rubley. Defitsit liquidity supply in the Kirov region has led to price increases. So, last week the cost of housing here has risen to 2.97%, the average price per square meter was 70 900 rubles. At the same time in the Kalinin region house prices fell by 1.8% and amounted to 64, 900 rubles per square meter. M spite of the rise in prices in the south, is the highest demand for northern areas. Last week, the buyers were looking for studio apartments for 2.2 million rubles in the Vyborg and Primorsk regions. Today the debate in the Forum: “Beeline” attract Realtors preferential tariff planamiChinovniki again promised property tax.

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